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Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership Team consists of the Executive and Steering Committees. The Executive Committee consists of the Senate President, Student Body Vice President, Senate President Pro-Tempore, Senate Secretary, and Senate Clerk. The Steering Committee consists of members of the Executive Committee, and the eight (8) standing committee chairs.


Hunter Bond

Senate President

The Senate President leads the Undergraduate Senate and is responsible for presiding over sessions of the Student Senate, serving as the Chair of the Executive and Steering Committees, and acts generally to support the work of the Undergraduate Student Senate.

Jainada Williams

Senate President Pro-Tempore

The Senate President Pro-Tempore serves as the chair of the Driving Committee. The President Pro-Tempore also oversees the internal activities of the Student Senate and assists the Senate President with the operations of the Student Senate.

Abby Kibler

Senate Secretary

The Senate Secretary is responsible for maintaining Senate attendance, taking minutes of Senate meetings, distributing said minutes to relevant stakeholders, and acting on all questions concerning Capital Improvement.

Matthew Spencer

Senate Clerk

The Senate Clerk is responsible for maintaining and distributing accurate copies of the Senate Handbook, keeping records on the status of all legislation, and sending passed legislation to the proper recipients. The Clerk serves as the vice-chair  of the Steering and Driving Committees.

Carson Wood

Academics Affairs Chair

The Committee on Academic Affair acts on all matters relating to academics. This includes curriculum, general education, Academic Integrity, Grievance, and Redemption policies, attendance, academic calendars, libraries, and grading policies.

Taylor Rogers

Student Activities Chair

The Committee on Student Activities acts on all matters relating to Campus Recreation, Intramurals, Club Sports, and interacts with the Athletic Department.


Tate Fowler

Campus Life Chair

The Committee on Campus Life acts on all matters relating to Housing, Dining, and serves as the link between the Residence Hall Association and the Undergraduate Senate.

Matt Innocenti

Finance & Procedures Chair

The Committee on Finance and Procedures shall act on all matters relating to constitutional and rules amendments, appointments, and the finances of the Undergraduate Student Government.

Cassidy Smith

Health & Human Services Chair

The Committee on Health and Human Services acts on all matters relating to health, wellness, and student awareness. Additionally, the committee liaisons with Redfern and Healthy Campus and advocates for sexual wellness, nutrition, and women’s health.


Davis Cooney

Transportaion & Facilities Chair

The Committee on Transportation and Facilities shall act on all matters relating to facilities, parking, mass transportation, safety, sustainability, and physical accessibility. ​

Sophie Finnell

Innovation & Technology Chair

The Committee on Innovation and Technology shall act on all matters relating to commercial services and campus technology. The committee also works closely with the IT Student Advisory Board.

Tyler McDougald

Inclusion & Equity Chair

The Committee on Inclusion and Equity shall act on all matters relating to diversity, inclusion, equity, and student awareness to make the Clemson Community more inclusive. ​