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Student Funding Board

What is the SFB?

The Student Funding Board (SFB) is a student organization (now independent of CUSG) comprised of 16 "board members" that allocate the Student Activity Fee to undergraduate student organizations. All undergraduate student organizations that enhance the Clemson Experience and reflect Clemson's Core Values are eligible to access this fund.

Annually, there is over $1.6 million in funding available from the Student Activity Fee Fund.

See our Constitution for more details.

How does my organization apply for funding?


We're here to help! The core requirements of requesting funding for student organizations are listed:

  • Majority undergraduate student membership (see GSG for funding if graduate)

  • Registered in TigerQuest as a DSO or ISO

  • Registered in BuyWays

  • ISOs must have a Federal Tax ID (EIN/TIN) and an off-campus bank account set up. DSOs must coordinate with their faculty advisor to make sure they have access to their on-campus Fund-13 account.

From here, your organization must make a request on TigerQuest.

See below.

If you have any questions or would like assistance, please email us at

Making a Request

Budget Request

Budget Requests (aka contingency requests) are the preliminary request for funding. This is your proposal of what you will use the requested funds for.

*Budget Requests are expected to be made at minimum ONE MONTH in advance of spending.*

Click to view a visual guide.

Purchase Request

After submitting a budget request and receiving word of your allocation from the SFB, you must make a Purchase Request (PR) to receive your funds. In other words, the SFB does not directly forward you your allocation after a budget request, as the money will sit with us until you require it.


*Purchase Requests may take 1-2 weeks of processing time before the money is forwarded to your organization.*

Click to view a guide for ISO organizations.

Click to view a guide for DSO organizations.

Click to view a guide for DSO advisors. (Both steps are required for DSOs).

Annual Request

Annual Requests are a type of budget request made only ONCE a year. The request is a proposal for the following year's budget. Therefore, any funds requested in an annual request are unavailable until the start of the next fiscal year (see FAQs).

*Annual requests for the following fiscal year are only available to be made in a one-month time frame. We will notify you of these times when they are determined.*

For a visual guide, see the Budget Request guide.



  • What can I request for funding?

    • Many expenses related to your organization's activities and mission. See our Restricted Expenses for things like traveling and t-shirts.

  • What can I not request for funding?

    • Prohibited Expenses are: Funding for any sort of personal financial gain. Alcohol, tobacco, gambling, or illegal expenditures. Any item prohibited by SC procurement law guidelines. Political campaign expenses including student government, local, state, and federal elections.​

  • What is the "Fiscal Year"?

    • The Fiscal Year (FY), organizes the year into periods in which the SFB operates. This period is July 1st of the current year to June 30th​​​ of the next year. For example, for FY23 is defined by July 1st, 2022 - June 30th, 2023.

  • What is an ISO?​

    • Independent Student Organizations (ISOs) hold their bank accounts off-campus.​ ISOs must create a Federal Tax ID (EIN/TIN) and have a bank account to receive funding.

  • What is a DSO?

    • Delegated Student Organizations (DSOs) have an on-campus "Fund-13" account and a faculty advisor to approve requests to be sent to the SFB.​

  • Is the SFB part of CUSG?

    • Not anymore! SFB is a student organization that you can join! ​

  • How do I become a member of SFB?

    • Recruitment typically occurs once a year, since SFB board member terms last 2 full years. See here if you interested in the interview process.

*Everything in the SFB Constitution is subject to change per board amendments*


 Interested in becoming a   board member? 

Applications are currently closed for the Student Funding Board for 2022-2024. They will next open in Fall 2023.

Please contact the SFB chair at if you have any questions.


I look forward to working with you and your organization!

Sophia Wilson

Student Body Treasurer

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